Terms of use

These presents «Rules of IQ application usage» (hereinafter — «Rules») regulate relations and is an Agreement between a User and Private entrepreneur Orekhov S.N. (hereinafter — «Administration»), offering opportunity for general public to use IQ application described in present Rules.

Location and contact details of Administration are stated on Internet-page 

By visiting IQ web-site or using IQ service or any other applications (including mobile) provided by Administration (general name «Service») by means of any device, you agree with these Rules. Present Rules describe your legal rights and obligations as well as terms of IQ application use. If you disagree with present Rules and do not accept terms of IQ application use, please do not visit and do not use the Service.

In some instances, when Administration offers a particular function with its own terms and conditions, they shall be applied in addition to present Rules and Terms of use. In such cases terms referring to this particular function shall not contradict the present Rules.

Fundamental terms.

1. You can use the Service if you are older than 12 years old.

2. You are not allowed to use Service for posting photo or any other materials containing violence, complete or partial nude as well as illegal, infringing on someone’s rights, aggressive, pornographic or other obscene materials.

3. You bear responsibility for any actions done through your account and agree that you shall not sell, transfer or pursue under license or remise your account, subscribers, user’s name or other rights for your account. Excluding persons or companies possessing a special permit for creating an account on behalf of its employer or clients, Administration prohibits creating an account for other person and you agree that you are creating an account exactly for you. You also confirm that all information provided by you to Administration at registration or in all other cases is correct, exact, timely and complete and agree for proper updating of your information to keep it correct and exact.

4. You undertake:

not to require


or use information required for other Users to get access to Service..

5. You bear responsibility for your password safety and nondisclosure.

6. You undertake not to stander, bait, annoy, offend, threaten, and claim to be other physical or legal entity as well as not to frighten such entities. You also undertake not to post private or confidential information by means of Service including without exception — information on credit cards, social insurance number or any other national ID, private phone number or email address belonging to you or other person.

7. You are not allowed to use Service for any illegal or unsanctioned purposes. You agree to comply with all laws, rules and norms (for example federal laws, regional or local laws) applied for usage of Service and your Materials (definition is provided below), include but not limited to copyright.

8. You bear individual responsibility for your behavior and any data, texts, files, information, users’ names, images, graphics, photos, profiles, audio and video recordings, sounds, music, works of authorship, links and other content or materials (general term «Materials») what you upload, post or demonstrate on Service or by means of Service.

9. You undertake not to alter, edit, adjust or remake Service as well as not to alter, edit, remake other web-site so it could create a deceptive impression of its relation to Service.

10. You undertake to use private IQ interface only within rules set by Administration.

11. You are not allowed to create and send unwanted emails, comments, «Like» marks or any other forms of commercial or troublesome messages (well known as «spam») to any IQ users.

12. You shall not use domain names or web-address in your user’s name without prior written consent of Administration.

13. You shall not interfere or create a nuisance in work of Service as well as servers or networks related to Server including sending network worms, viruses, spy or malicious software or any other destructive or malicious codes. You are now allowed to introduce materials or codes or in some other way alter or interfere displaying of any IQ page in browser or in user’s device.

14. You shall not create accounts on Service using of unsanctioned means, including but not limiting to use of automated devices, scripts, bots, web-spiders, crawlers or scrapers.

15. You shall not undertake attempts to limit some other user in usage of Service or shall not indulge or conduce to violation of present Terms of use or any other terms of Administration.

16. Violation of present Terms of use can lead to deletion of your IQ account based on unilateral decision of Administration. You express understanding and consent with the fact that Administration cannot and shall not bear responsibility for Materials posted on Service and you use Service at your own risk. If you violate letter or spirit of the present Terms of use or create some other risk or avenue for legal prosecution of Administration we have a right for complete or partial limitation of Service provision to you.

General provisions

1. We reserve the right to alter or terminate Service or limit you access to Service by any reasons without warning, in any time under no obligations to you. You can deactivate your IQ account contacting Administration. If we prohibit your access to Service or you use your right to deactivate your account — you will lose access to your photos, comments, «Like» marks, friends and any other data through your account (for example users will not be able to get to your page under user’s name and review your photos), but these materials and data can be saved and reviewed through Service (for example if other users have shared your Materials on their pages).

2. After deletion of on account all licenses and other rights provided to you by present Terms of use shall be terminated immediately.

3. We reserve right in our sole discretion from time to time to alter present Rules of use (hereinafter — Updated terms). Excluding the situations when we introduce changes because of legal or administrative reasons we shall previously (in reasonable time) notify you on effective date for such Updated Terms. You agree that we can notify you on Updated Terms have posted them on Service and that your usage of Service after Updated Terms effectiveness (or your similar actions we can notice) shall mean your agreement with Updated Terms. Consequently we recommend you to learn present Terms of use or any Updated terms before using the Service. Updated terms come into action from the moment of their posting or from the later date stated in Updated Terms and from this moment could be applied to your using of Service. In solving disputed issues arose before effectiveness of Updated Terms we will be regulated by present Terms of use.

4. We reserve right to deny access to Service for any person by any reason in any time.

5. We reserve right to withdraw any user’s name by any reason.

6. We can but have no obligation to delete, edit, block and (or) monitor Materials or accounts containing Materials which we consider violating present Terms of use according to our unilateral decision.

7. You bear sole responsibility for your interaction with other users of Service both in Internet and out of it. You agree that Administration is not responsible for behavior of any user. Administration reserves right but has no obligation to monitor disputes between you and other users or to intervene in them. Please rely on common sense and your brain while interacting with other persons including at uploading or posting of Materials or any other private or alternative information.

8. Our Service or massages received from Service may contain links to external web-sites or functions. Images or comments on Service may also contain links to external web-sites or functions. Service also contains external content which is not controlled, maintained or supported by us. Performance of Service also admits interaction between Service and external web-sites or functions including applications connecting Service and your profile on Service with external web-sites or functions. For instance, Service may include function allowing you to transfer Materials from Service or your Materials to a third party and they can be posted with no access restrictions on this external service or in external application. For using this function you as a rule shall enter your account on this external service and you do it at your own risk. Administration doesn’t control any external services or their materials. You express understanding and consent with the fact that Administration bears no responsibility for such external services or functions. Your interaction and business relations with third parties found by means of service refer only to you and this third party. You are able at your own risk and exclusively on your decision to use applications connecting Service or your profile on Service with external service («Application»), and such Application can interact with your profile on Service, communicate with it or collect and (or) transfer information from it and into it. Using such Applications you accept and agree the following provisions:

(1) if you use Application for transferring of Information you agree for transferring information in your profile on Service;

(2) your usage of Application can lead to public disclosure of personal information and (or) affiliation between this information and you even if it was not provided by IQ itself;

(3) you use IQ Application of own free will and at your own risk and agree that Parties of Agreement bear no responsibility for action connected with IQ Application.

9. You agree that you bear responsibility for all expenses which could be caused by usage of Service.

10. We prohibit usage of crawlers and scrapers, caching and other ways of getting access to any materials of Service by means of automatic tools including, among others, users’ profiles and photos (excluding usage of protocols results of standard search engines or technologies applied by these search engines with the approval of Administration).


1. Administration doesn’t require rights for any Materials posted by you on Service or by means of it. But you grant to Administration non-exclusive fully paid and not supposing payment of royalty, accepting transferring and sublicensing, acting all over the world permit for usage of Materials posted by you on Service or by means of it in accordance with Service Data protection Guidelines, available by link but not limiting by sections 3 («Your information transfer»), 4 («How we save your information»), and 5 («Personal settings referring to your information»). You can decide who will have access to your Materials and actions, including your photos as noted in Data protection Guidelines.

2. Part of Service income comes from advertisement so Service can demonstrate advertisement and actions. You agree that Administration is able to place such kind of advertisement and actions on Service or in your Materials, in their description or referring to them. Way, tone and scope of advertisement or actions demonstration may vary without notice.

3. You admit that we not always can recognize paid services, advertisement materials or commercial interaction.

4. You confirm and guarantee that:

(1) you possess Materials posted by you on Service or by means of it or in some other way possess a right to transfer rights and licenses set by present Terms of use;

(2) posting and usage of your materials on Service or by means of it doesn’t violate and abrogate authority of ant third party including but not limiting right to personal privacy, right of publicity, copyright, trademarks and (or) other rights for intellectual property;

(3) you agree for payment of all royalty, rewards and any other amounts due payment as a result of our posting of Materials on Service or by means of it;

(4) you have legal right and legal capacity to accent present Terms of use within your jurisdiction

5. Service contains Materials owned by Administration or materials it has license for («Materials IQ»). Materials of IQ are protected by copyright, trademark right, patent, commercial secret and other laws and in relations between you and Administration the latest possess and reserves all the rights for IQ Materials and Service. You cannot delete, change or hide any copyright mark trade sigh, service mark or any other ownership marks accompanying or built in IQ Materials, and you are not allowed to reproduce, alter, adapt, create your materials on their base, perform, demonstrate, post, distribute, transfer, broadcast, sell, give permit or in any other way use IQ Materials in your favor.

6. Name and logo of IQ are trade signs of Administration and cannot be copied, imitated or used partially or entirely without previous written authorization of Administration. Besides, all page headings, special graphics, button signs and fonts are service marks, trademarks and (or) corporate identity of goods IQ and cannot be copied, imitated or used partially or entirely without previous written authorization of Administration.

7. Although Administration seeks to maximum Service accessibility in some cases work of Service can be suspended include but not be limited to because of maintenance or update, emergency repair or faulty operation of telecommunication networks and (or) equipment. Besides Administration reserves right to delete any Materials from Service for any reason without previous notice. Materials deleted from Service can be still kept by Administration for purposes include but not be limited to observance of some legal obligations, but these Materials cannot be available without valid court decision. That’s why Administration recommends you to save a copy of your Materials. In other words IQ is not a service for data standby storage and you agree that you will not rely on Service as a way to store or back-up Materials. Administration bears no responsibility to you for any changes, suspension, or termination of Service work or for loss of any Materials. You also admit that Internet can be a subject to security violation and uploading of Materials or any other information can be not safe.

8. You agree that Administrations bears no responsibility for Materials posted on Service and doesn’t support them. Administration is not obliged to review, monitor, edit or delete any Materials. If your Materials violate present Terms of use you can bear legal responsibility for posting of such Materials.

9. Aside from cases mentioned in Service Data Protection Guidelines in relations between you and Administration any Materials are not confidential and pecuniary and we are not responsible for any usage or public disclosure of Materials. You admit and agree that your relations with Administration are not confidential and based on trust and do not apply to other type of special relations and your decision to post any Materials doesn’t put administration into a position different from the position of general public representatives referring to your Materials. Administration bears no obligations referring to confidentiality of your Materials and no responsibility for usage or disclosure of any materials uploaded by you.

10. In accordance with its policy Administration doesn’t accept and review materials, information, ideas, recommendations or any other materials aside from those separately requested by us so they can be a subject for separate terms, rules and requirements application. This is necessary to avoid any misunderstanding in case if your ideas are alike with already developed or under developing by us independently from you. Consequently Administration doesn’t accept not requested materials or ideas and bears no responsibility for materials or ideas transferred in this way. If you still decide to send us materials, ideas, recommendations or any other materials in spite of our rules you agree that Administration can use any similar materials, ideas, recommendations or any other materials for any purposes include but not be limited to development or promotion of goods and services bearing no responsibility to you and making no payment to your credit.

Report on violation of copyright or any other intellectual property right

1. We provide you tools for assistance in protection of your intellectual property rights. To know more how to report on violation of intellectual property rights please contact Administration

2. In case of repeated violation of intellectual property rights of other users we will block your account if we consider it expedient.

Disclaimer of warranty

Service, including, among others, Materials IQ, is provided on an «as is», «as available» and «with all faults» basis. To the maximum extent, permitted by law, Administration, its employees, managers, officials or agents make no representations or warranties, as well as confirmations direct or indirect referring to: (a) service; (b) IQ Materials; © user’s materials; or (d) security of IQ information transferring by means of service. Moreover administration hereof disclaim all warranties direct or indirect include but not be limited to warranty of merchantability, warranty of fitness for any other purpose, observance of right to property and name, private use, trade, quiet possession, system integration and absence of computer viruses.

Administration doesn’t declare and warrants absence of faults and service work suspension, correction of defects or absence on Service or on a server providing service of any harmful components include but not be limited to viruses. Administration doesn’t declare and warrant accuracy, completeness and effectiveness of information (including any instructions), available on service. You admit that you use service at your own sole risk. Administration doesn’t warrant legality of Service usage in any particular country or at any particular territory and directly disclaims all warranties. In some countries and territories disclaimer of indirect or other warranties is not allowed or limited that’s why the above mentioned the Disclaimer of warranty may not be applied to you to the extent to which laws of that country or territory are applied to you and present rules of usage. 

By visiting or using service you declare and warrant that you actions do not contradict law in each country and territory where you get access or use it. 
Administration doesn’t support materials and directly disclaim all responsibility towards any person or legal entity for any loss, damage (actual, consequential, punitive or other), accident, claims, obligation or other situations of any kind whatsoever, caused by usage of any materials.

Responsibility limitations; waiver

Under no circumstances Administration doesn’t bear responsibility for any losses or damages of any kind whatsoever (include but not limited to any direct, consequential, economic, exemplary, special, punitive, accidental or incidental losses or damages) directly or tangentially related to:

(a) service;

(b) IQ materials;

© use’s materials;

(d) usage of unavailability of service or service functioning;

(e) any actions, performed related to investigation pursued by administration or law enforcement referring to usage of service by you or other parties;

(f) any actions undertaken relative to owners of copyright or any other intellectual property;

(g) any errors or omissions in service operation;

(h) any damage inflicted to computer, mobile device or to other device or technology of any user include but not limited to damage caused by any safety violation as a result of any virus, failure, criminal use, swindling, error, neglect, clearing down, defect, delay of work or transmission, malfunction of computer line or network or any other technical or alternative malfunction include but not limited to damage by loss of benefit, loss of good will, loss of data, work suspension, inaccuracy of results, or computer bug or malfunction even if this damage was expected or even if administration was warned or should know that such damage is possible in situation of agreement validity, neglect, strict obligations or delict (include but not limited to infliction of damage partially or completely as a result of neglect, force majeure, telecommunications malfunction, theft or service destruction). Under no circumstances administration bears no responsibility towards you or any other persons for damage or injuries include but not limited to depth or personal injury. Laws of some countries do not allow disapplicaton or limitation of casualty or incidental damage that’s why above mentioned limitations or disapplicatons may not extend into you. Under no circumstances compensation paid to parties for all entire damage, losses, causes and actions cannot exceed 1000 (one thousand) rubles 00 kopeks. 

You agree that in case of infliction of any damage, loss or injuries as a result of Administration actions or neglect, loss if here is any, inflicted to you, is not irreparable and sufficient for obtaining judicial restraint preventing any performance of any web-site, service, property or other content owned or managed by Administration, and you will not be able to be entitled to prohibit or limit development, production, distribution, promotion, demonstration or performance of any web-site, service, property or other content owned or managed by Administration. 

Administration is not responsible for actions, materials, information or data of third parties and you release us, our directors, officials, employees and agents from any responsibility for any damageб obvious or hidden, appeared as a result of any your claims towards third parties or related to any your claims towards them.

Compensation of damage

You (as well as any other party on behalf of which you manage account or perform actions on Service) agree to protect (upon request of Administration), compensate for a damage and secure Administration from any prosecution if any claims, incurrence of liability or infliction of damage, loss or expenditures include but not limited to reasonable expenses for lawyers, occurred or in any manner associated with any of the following factors (including as a result your direct actions on Service or actions performed on behalf of you):

(1) your Materials or your access to Service or its usage;

(2) violation or suspected violation of the present Terms of use from your side;

(3) violations from your side of third party rights include but not limited to rights for intellectual property, publicity, confidentiality, rights for property or private life;

(4) violations from your side of any laws, rules, norms, codes, acts of law, resolutions or decrees of any government or allied authorities include but not limited to all regulatory, administrative and legislative authorities;

(5) any mispresentation of facts from your side. You will completely provide level of cooperation required by Administration at protection from any claims.

Administrating reserved right to realize exclusive protection and control of any situation requiring from you compensation of losses, and you undertake under no circumstances not to lodge any claims without prior written consent of administration.

Using the Service on behalf of a legal entity you confirm that you are entitled to conclude agreement on behalf of a legal entity. Present Terms of use constitute full text of agreement between you and Administration and regulate your usage of Service. You are not allowed to transfer the present Terms of use as well as transfer other rights or obligations mentioned in this agreement partially or entirely, voluntary or by operation of law, without previous written consent of Administration. Any transferring of rights and obligations made by you without previous written consent of Administration is not valid. Administration is able to transfer present Terms of use or other rights mentioned in this agreement without your consent. If any provision of present Terms of use is found incompetent by the court or in some other way inapplicable than Parties agree that this provision will be considered as excluded from present Terms of use and will not effect on legality and validity of the rest of provisions and they will still be considered as valid. Neither interaction line between the parties nor commercial cooperation will effect on present Terms of use. Present Terms of use do not empower any third party any rights for getting benefits. User and Administration agree that all disputes and disagreements which can arose from present Agreement and or referring to it shall be resolved by means of negotiations. If agreement is not achieved all disputed referring to present Agreement shall be resolved in accordance with the norms of Russian law.