Data Protection Guidelines

«Data Protection Guidelines» (hereinafter — «Guidelines») mean rules of User’s personal information usage by Administration.

1. General provisions of Guidelines

1. This Guidelines is an integral part of End-User Service agreement (hereinafter — Agreement), as well as other agreements concluded with End-user when it is directly specified in their clauses.

2. Concluding Agreement you with a free will and pro domo sua give lifetime irrevocable written consent for any methods of processing of your personal data including any action (operation) or cumulative action (operations) performed using computer equipment or not using such kind of equipment with persona data including collection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, specification (update, alternation), recovery, use, transferring (distribution, provision, access), depersonalization, blocking, deletion, destruction of personal data is purposes set by this Guidelines.

3. Present Guidelines including interpretation of its provisions and order of conclusion, performance, amendment and termination is governed by the law of the Russian Federation.

4. Here and elsewhere Guidelines contains terms and definitions foreseen by Agreement as well as other concluded agreements with User unless otherwise provided for by present Guidelines of follows by its nature. In other cases interpretation of a term used in Guidelines is done in accordance with current laws of the Russian Federation, customary business practices or scientific doctrine.

2. Personal information

1. By Personal information present Guidelines means the following:

2. Information provided by User himself at registration or authorization as well as in during further use of Application and/or Service including User’s personal data.

3. Data transferred in automatic mode depending on User’s software settings, include but not limed to: IP-address, cookie, data on software and equipment used by User for work in communication networks, including Internet, parameters and settings of internet-browsers, transferred information and materials using Service.

4. Administration bears no responsibility for arrangements for the use of User’s person information by the third parties whom User interacts with within the use of Application and provided on its base Service.

5. User realizes and assumes possibility of placement of third parties software on web-site pages and as a result these parties will be able to receive depersonalized data mentioned in item 3 of section «Personal information».

User has a right to limit independently collection of such information by the third parties using standard confidentiality settings of an internet-browser used for his work.

6. Administration is entitled to set requirements to composition of User’s Personal information which has to be provided for usage of Application and based on it Service. If some particular information is not marked by Administration as required it may be provided or disclosed by User at his own discretion.

7. Administration doesn’t test of validity of information provided by User supposing that User acts in good faith, discreetly and takes whatever action is appropriate to keep this information up to date.

3. Purposes of Personal information processing

1. Administration performs processing including collection and storage of that information required to conclusion and fulfillment of agreements with User.

2. Administration is entitled to use Personal information in particular for the following purposes:

Conclusion of agreements for use of Application and Service;

Fulfillment of obligations under concluded agreements including granting of access to Application or Service for User

Identification of User within fulfillment of obligations under concluded with him agreements;

Provision of technical support related to usage of Application of Service;

Providing communication with User for the purpose of information services including for notification procedure with the involment of third parties;

Usage of depersonalized data for targeting of advertisement and/or information materials according to age, gender, other factors;

Performance of marketing, statistics and other researches based on depersonalized data.

Holding of marketing, statistical and other studies based on anonymized data.

4. Requirements to Personal information protection

1. Administration executes storage of Personal information and ensured its protection from unsanctioned access and distribution in accordance with internal rules and regulations.

2. User’s Private information is kept confidential except cases then technology of Application or provided o its base Service or settings of software used by User foresees open exchange of information with other User’s of Application or with any other users in Internet.

3. Administration is entitled to transfer Personal information to third parties in following cases:

User expressed his consent for these actions including cases when Users applies settings of his software not limiting provision of some particular information;

Transferring is required within User’s usage of functional peculiarities of Application and/or specific character of based on it Service;

Related to assignation of Application into possession, usage or property to the third party including cession of rights under concluded agreements in favor of the third party;

On request of a court or other authorized governmental body within procedure established by legislation;

In defense of rights and interests of Administration connected with violation of agreements concluded with User.

5. Amendment of Personal information

1. User has a right at any moment independently edit in Personal account his Personal information provided by him at registration or authorization.

2. If concluded agreement if terminated User has a right to delete his own personal account or to exercise a right for withdrawal of consent for processing of his personal data by means of sending Administration a request for deletion of his personal account.

3. For Service quality improvement purposes as well as for legal protection Administration is entitled to store log-files of actions executed by User within usage of Application and/or Service as well as in connection with conclusion and fulfillment of Agreement by User and other agreements during 1 (one) year from the moment of their fulfillment.

6. Amendment of Data Protection Guidelines

1. Present Guidelines can be amended or terminated by Administration ex parte without previous notification of User. New version of Guidelines comes into force from the moment of its placement of web-site of Administration unless otherwise stipulated in new version of Guidelines.